25 years
BARI Spezial

What is more enjoyable than letting the soul dangle? A swimming pool makes is possible! Unfortunately, till now the joy was spoiled when, after many years, a small tear appeared in the liner of the pool. The consequences were spending a lot of time and money on troublesome reconstruction works. All edge stones or tiles had to be taken away. We have put an end to this! With the new patented PVC-rail on top, it\\\\\\\'s possible to change the liner without effortly taking away the edge stones or tiles.

BARI SpezialBARI Spezial
BARI SpezialBARI Spezial

Due to the new PVC-Rails on top, which areas sturdy as steel, you can change the \\\\\\\"interior\\\\\\\" of the pool without any problems, without taking away the bordering of the pool, without destroying the pool stones. The liner, which is very sturdy, fade and cold resistant, will only attached with a special hang-in-profile directly into the PVC-rail on top, and can be changed later without any problems. Inconvenient handcraft work is completely omitted, and you can again enjoy to the max your personal relaxation oasis within less time. Thus, the holiday-feeling in your own garden is guaranteed for years.

Round pool "BARI SPEZIAL"
Dimensions: diameter x depthPrices in leva (incl. DDS)Dimensions: diameter x depthPrices in leva (incl. DDS)
300 120 cm 1500 leva 300 150 cm 1888 leva
360 120 cm 1804 leva 360 150 cm 2328 leva
400 120 cm 2022 leva 400 150 cm 2614 leva
460 120 cm 2368 leva 460 150 cm 3090 leva
500 120 cm 2578 leva 500 150 cm 3340 leva
550 120 cm 2944 leva 550 150 cm 3630 leva
600 120 cm 3272 leva 600 150 cm 4126 leva
700 120 cm 3946 leva 700 150 cm 5136 leva
800 120 cm 4688 leva 800 150 cm 5958 leva

The price means the steel wall with interior liner